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Foundations of Environmental Literacy in Pennsylvania

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Course Information

This course is brought to you by the Pennsylvania Environmental Literacy Network, a collection of motivated partners, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations who seek to improve the environmental literacy of citizens across the Commonwealth.

The course is designed to provide foundational knowledge and resources to anyone involved in developing, incorporating, or implementing environmental literacy plans in their classrooms, schools, or districts.

During this course, you will learn:

  • The definitions of environmental education (EE) and environmental literacy (E-Lit).
  • The differences between EE, E-Lit, and environmental advocacy.
  • The history of E-Lit in Pennsylvania.
  • Examples of exceptional EE lessons and programs.
  • Links to state and federal agencies and nonformal and other EE organizations that provide EE resources.
  • Information about what environmental literacy means in Pennsylvania and resources for creating E-Lit plans.
  • Ways to identify and reach environmental justice communities.
  • Highlights of issues and education resources about Pennsylvania watersheds.
  • Programs and resources about green careers in environmental-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This course was developed in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Stroud Water Research Center.

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Course Instructor

David Kline David Kline Author

Watershed Education Specialist at Stroud Water Research Center