A stream cascading over rocks with autumn leaves.

Fourth-Grade Virtual Stream Study

Access to this course is currently by invitation only.

Course Information

This mini-unit teaches fourth-grade students how to identify and describe signs of a healthy watershed and how humans impact the watershed. The lessons focus on watershed education and are delivered via videos from Stroud Water Research Center. Students complete activities for each lesson in a field notebook, which is available in digital or paper-based forms.

Videos for each lesson are about 35 minutes long, with pauses for completing field notebook sections. Teachers may choose to take longer pauses and discuss, but each lesson is meant for one class period.

Each lesson offers optional extension activities, and there are two optional videos that can be played at any point in the mini-unit.

After the lessons have been completed, a conclusion session allows for a teacher-led discussion, review of the mini-unit purpose, and two final questions that can be used as an assessment.

Course Instructor

Tara Muenz Tara Muenz Author